With competition being the way it is these days you need to keep ahead of the race and to do this you need to come up with new and innovative ideas, almost on a daily basis.

We are a unique company by virtue of the fact that we have five different divisions / departments, all feeding each other with information.

What we have done with the cleaning division is to combine two of these departments to deliver one service. On a monthly basis a hand full of individuals are carefully picked to undergo a course on being an undercover agent. Out of this class, depending on the availability of contracts, the top students are chosen to infiltrate businesses with the need for an operative. These operatives know how to correctly write incident reports pertaining to theft, security breaches or any possible acts of sabotage.

Once this course has been completed the individual stands the chance of being recruited for the Cleaning Division.

What does this mean for the client?

Worst case scenario; the group of cleaners you have employed from SMA end up doing the work they have been hired to do, clean. Best case scenario; clean premises with a stream of reports against your staff, your current security company or even your management. These reports would also give us inside information on closing many of the already created loopholes through which people are removing your stock.

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